Questa is about investing in you and your college education so that you can graduate with less debt and use your talents to give back to Northeast Indiana. How do we do it? Questa offers low interest, forgivable loans. Students could receive up to 75% of their Questa loan completely forgiven.

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Paula Martinez   , Traditional Scholar    Purdue Fort Wayne | Class of 2021

Paula Martinez, Traditional Scholar

Purdue Fort Wayne | Class of 2021


Are you a high school senior or college freshman in need of financial assistance throughout college? The Traditional Questa Scholars program is intended to assist students where there is a gap between the cost of attendance and the family’s financial responsibility.

Desmon Davis   , Contemporary Scholar    Trine University | Class of 2019

Desmon Davis, Contemporary Scholar

Trine University | Class of 2019


The Contemporary Scholars program is meant to assist juniors and seniors as well as individuals that are returning to college to complete their degree. Funding is available for up to two years.

Jennifer Esslinger   , Parkview Scholar    WGU | Class of 2018

Jennifer Esslinger, Parkview Scholar

WGU | Class of 2018


Questa and Parkview have partnered together to offer 2 programs to help students further their education and training. The Questa Parkview Scholars program provides funding & financial assistance for eligible Parkview employees and the Questa Parkview Nursing Scholars Program provides funding for college juniors and seniors pursuing a nursing degree.


Questa Foundation and AWS Foundation are partnering together to offer funding for individuals pursuing a certification, licensure and/or degree in Special Education.  Preference given to juniors or seniors in college or those completing their certification or licensure within 2 years. Funds are available on a first come, first served basis. Fill out your application ASAP for consideration.

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Specialized Funding

Our generous donors and partners are contributing to help fund specific degree fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, STEM, women in business, and Legacy funding for Fort Wayne residents. Learn more about these funding opportunities.