Both the Questa Parkview Scholar and the Questa Parkview Nursing Scholar programs are administered with the same low-interest forgivable loans as the Contemporary Scholars program.

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Questa Parkview Scholars program*

For Current Employees of Parkview Health

The Questa Parkview Scholars program intent is to make funding available to eligible Parkview co-workers for financial assistance to further their education and to help co-workers complete their education with reduced or eliminated debt.    Click here to watch a video about this unique program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Positive performance appraisal

  • Approved professional development plan

  • A status of full time or at least a .5 FTE

  • 6+ months of employment

  • Acceptance into a degree program at an approved educational institution

  • Financial gap in affording your college cost of attendance

  • Preference given to applicants pursuing degrees identified as Parkview Organization Critical. Click here for more information.

Applications are accepted beginning May 1 until funding is exhausted. Parkview employees that meet these requirements may complete and submit an application by clicking the Apply Now button below.

The Questa Parkview program is endorsed and funded by Parkview Health.

To download a copy of the Parkview-Questa Scholars brochure click here.


Questa Parkview Nursing Scholars Program*

For Current Juniors and Seniors in College

The Questa Parkview Nursing Scholars program is for juniors and senior nursing students who have an interest in pursuing a career within Parkview Health as an inpatient bedside nurse upon graduation. Upon becoming employed by Parkview, the individual will receive forgiveness of $5,000 on their loan for each year of employment with Parkview, up to the amount of funding received.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Attending either part-time (6+ credit hours) or full-time (12+ credit hours) at one of Questa’s Partner Schools (view a list of Questa’s partner schools here)

  • Currently accepted into an accredited Nursing program

  • Possess a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA

  • Degree completion within 2 years

Applications will be accepted May 1 through May 31 for the upcoming academic year. Acceptance decisions will be made by the end of June. Current Questa Scholars are also eligible to apply, but will complete a shortened version of this application. New and current scholars may complete and submit an application by clicking the Apply Now button below.

The Questa Parkview Nursing Scholars program is endorsed and funded by Parkview Health.

*Funding is currently limited to BSN degrees


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+ Q: What degrees are eligible under the Parkview Scholars Program for current employees?

A: Only organizational critical degrees as determined by Parkview Hospital may be eligible for funding. See Parkview's tuition assistance program for more details.

+ Q: If I earn an associate degree and then decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree, may I continue as a Parkview Scholar?

A: You must reapply for the Questa Parkview Scholars program to possibly receive additional funding. Funding is not guaranteed.

+ Q: I am a Parkview employee and a current Questa scholar, but I'd like to pursue a master's degree. Can I apply for additional funding through Questa?

A: If you are a current Questa Parkview Scholar (currently employed at Parkview), you are eligible to reapply for the program. Funding is not guaranteed. Questa Parkview Nursing Scholars (juniors and seniors currently in college) are not eligible to apply for funding for a master's degree.

+ Q: I need extra time to complete my degree than I thought, or I am going onto a master's degree. Can I apply for deferment?

A: If you have a remaining balance on your Questa loan, you can apply for deferment on your loan payments until you complete your undergraduate or graduate degree.

+ Q: Do I pay interest during college?

A: A compliant Scholar will not pay interest during college while completing his or her undergraduate degree.

+ Q: After graduation, how do I prove that I work and reside in northeast Indiana?

A: Annual proof of residency and employment will be required in the form of a W-2 statement or pay stub identifying the county in which you live and work.