Questa Scholars Are Changing the Local Workforce

The talent gap is a challenge for our community, and the Questa Education Foundation is working with partners to bridge the talent gap by investing in people. Questa is excited to announce 74 new scholars into the Traditional Scholars program in addition to the 400 students currently being funded through the Questa Scholars Program.

These students have recently graduated from high school and will be entering college this fall as freshmen or have just completed their first year in their undergraduate degree. Through the Questa Scholars program, scholars will be given low-interest forgivable loans to help reduce their college debt. Each of the scholars have unique stories and important aspirations. At Questa, we want to invest in these learners to help them graduate with less debt, explore their passions and become the talent we need that will improve our local economy. The one-of-a-kind funding provides the possibility of receiving loan forgiveness for as much as 75 percent of the total loan amount! By attending a partner school, students will receive 25 percent forgiveness and an additional 50 percent forgiveness by living and working in the area for five years after graduation.

Jasmin Armstrong is one of the newly chosen Questa Scholars who desires to create an impact in the lives of veterans. With her mother and stepfather both being Army veterans, she is passionate about pursuing a Psychology degree to help those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I aspire to be a positive impact on the people who put their lives on the line for our country every day. Once I earn a doctoral degree in Psychology, I intend to work for the Veterans Health Administration as a psychologist.”

Armstrong plans to attend Trine University in the fall.

Of the students that have graduated in the Questa Scholars program, 81 percent are graduating in 4 years compared to the national average of 59 percent. In addition, two-thirds are either staying or return to live and work in our region. The result of the Questa program is talent retained in our communities.

Jacob Scheele, a May 2019 graduate and Questa Scholar, is one of two-thirds of Questa scholars that are staying to work in the northeast Indiana region. Scheele believes northeast Indiana is a welcoming, friendly community that he is excited to create roots in. He currently works for Weigland Construction as their business development coordinator, where he also completed his internship.

“Questa played a big part in my decision to stay and pursue a career in the area and has helped me not worry about finances so I can focus on my career.”

Questa invests in the lives of these students, so they can thrive and continue to use their talents in the Northeast Indiana workforce. Traditional students, as mentioned above, drive only one part of our strategy. Individuals who did not complete an education, but are already in the workforce, can also be the talent we need with more education or training. Industry certifications, associate, and bachelor’s degrees are all ways to access livable wage jobs.

How can you help? Become a partner with Questa and help by providing funds for current and future talent needs. The support of our funders and donors is vital for Questa to be able to carry out this mission. Find out more about our forgivable loan programs and how you can partner with us at or call (260) 407-6494.

View the names of our accepted Questa Scholars and where they plan to attend college HERE.