Time to Grow Our Talent


“Talent, talent, talent. A challenge that industries and companies across Indiana are facing is to find people with the necessary skills to fill open positions. Many organizations are recognizing that if we continue down this path without making changes, our economy will certainly suffer.” - Marc Levy, Executive Director at the Questa Education Foundation, Guest Column in BizVoice Magazine

At Questa, we are dedicated to not just helping students complete their education and graduate with less debt, but retaining their great talent in the Northeast Indiana area. Talent retention is key if we are going to join together to grow our economy and businesses - we must invest in people.

Read more about Questa’s strategic approach to retaining talent in the March/April 2019 issue of BizVoice Magazine. You can find the full magazine online here: https://www.bizvoicemagazine.com/ or read the full article below.

Read the full article HERE.