Bridging the Talent Gap


Is the workforce able to fill the jobs being brought to the area? Do we have the talent we need to continue to grow our businesses and our economy? These are the questions that the Questa Education Foundation is tackling everyday. The approach is to collaborate and partner with one another rather than steal each other’s talent, or recruit from out of the area.

“It’s time to start collaborating on the talent pool, as opposed to competing with each other for the same talent” - Marc Levy, Executive Director at the Questa Education Foundation

At Questa, we see the importance of partnering with local businesses to not just to invest in our students and graduates, but to also invest in our current workforce to help them receive the education and/or training that they need. We have the talent we need right here in Northeast Indiana.

Find out more about how Questa and area businesses are partnering together to bridge the talent gap. Read Questa’s full profile in the April 2019 issue of Business People and read more articles at .

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