Congrats to Questa's Scholarship Recipients!

Questa is excited to announce the scholarship recipients for 2018!

Every year Questa Education Foundation offers several scholarships for current Questa Scholars and non-scholars in the Northeast Indiana community. These students have been chosen for excellence in their academic performance throughout their college career. Questa is proud to announce the scholarship recipients of the following scholarships:

  • Virgil J. & Mildred C. Roy Scholarship
  • Edward C. Dodez Scholarship
  • Walter & Lucille Beckman Scholarship
  • Gregory Hosler Wilson Scholarship
  • Venette M. and Mabel M. Sites Scholarship

Roy Scholarship Recipients

This award is designated for nursing students who are pursuing a bachelors’ degree in nursing at either Purdue Fort Wayne, Indiana University Fort Wayne or the University of Saint Francis. The scholarship dollars help to support our local students by reducing their education costs. Questa congratulates the following scholars: 

University of Saint Francis Nursing Students:

  • Breanna Hinshaw
  • Morgan Smith
  • Nicole Coleman

Purdue Fort Wayne & Indiana University Fort Wayne Nursing Students:

  • Aubrey Brinneman
  • Mariah Geels
  • Amanda Holland
  • Mary Podlaski
  • Tarandeep Sran
  • Kendra Amaya-Miranda
  • Whitney Green
  • Celina Jones
  • Samantha Luick

Dodez Scholarship Recipients

The Edward C Dodez Scholarship assists Indiana students who are attending Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Four students from around the state of Indiana have received $5,000 to assist in the cost of their education at Dartmouth for the Fall 2018 semester.

Nathanael Boone - St. Joseph County, Sophomore, studying Engineering Sciences

Ethan Cook - Kosciusko County, Junior, studying Mathematics

Rachel Kent - Marion County, Sophomore, studying Geography

Katelyn Zeser - Elkhart County, Freshman, studying Government

Beckman Scholarship Recipients

These scholarship recipients are majoring in Education or Social Work and have been chosen for excellence in their college academic performance by maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA or higher during college.

Questa would like to congratulate the following students:

Mary Greuter - attending Anderson University, graduated from Lakewood Park Christian School

Danielle Straits - attending Taylor University, graduated from Warsaw Community High School

Heather Stichter - attending Anderson University, graduated from Triton High School

Wilson Scholarship Recipients 

Recipients of the Wilson Scholarship have been chosen for excellence in their college academic performance by maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA or higher during college. Each student will be receiving between $500 to $1,500 in a scholarship award. We also want to recognize the colleges they are attending and the high schools from which they graduated. 

Benjamin Bailey - attending Purdue Fort Wayne, graduate of Blackhawk Christian Jr/Sr High School

Cole Bechtold - attending Rose-Hulman, graduate of Whitko High School

Leia Edmondson - attending Rose-Hulman, graduate of Horizon Christian Academy

Creanna Johnson - attending Purdue University Lafayette, graduate of Canterbury High School

Andrew Mauch - attending Purdue Fort Wayne, graduate of Bishop Luers High School

Sites Scholarship Recipients

Questa Education Foundation recently awarded $117,000 through the Venette M and Mabel M Sites Scholarship to 73 Allen County public high school graduates.  These scholars received individual awards ranging from $500 - $2,500 for excellence in their college academic performance by maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA during their college career. We are proud to announce the following students, and acknowledge the high school from which they graduated. Congratulations scholars!

Carroll: Connor Burgess, Sydney Ulrey, Anthony Ohneck, Logan Jester, Stone Miguel, Kelsiey Cicora, Madison Kilgus, Cassidy Forbing, Alexandra Harvey, Caleb DeLieto, Natalie Grose, Victoria Grose

East Allen University: Benjamin Sendo, Nicole Winans, Katherine Watson

Heritage: Branson Dossen, Kimberlie Kline, Veronica Hare, Rozlynn Everhart, Nicole Rothgeb

Homestead: Courtney McGrew, Rebekah Zvers, Lindley Kistler, Scott Creech, Luis Rodriguez Perez

Leo: Rebecca Kimball, Hannah Fowerbaugh, Jordan Eldridge, Rebecca Lessig, Morgan Sanderson, Mackenzie Joefreda, Eduardo Cruz, Ian Thompson, Logan Sagstetter

New Haven: Adam Hoffer, Anika Hoffer, Zachary Watson, Matthew Mensing,

North Side: Logan Ankney, Priscilla Baltazard, Isabelle Harrison, Soe San

Northrop: Joshua Mahon, Matthew Mast, Jailyn Krantz, Juan Gonzalez-Rangel, Caitline Southern, Kristen Borntreger, Lejla Hrustic

Snider: Mariah Thomas, Heidi Schneeman, Jennifer Peppler, Mmiranda Durnell, Maria Barrera, Naomi Vanderleest, Rylee Marks, Taylor Davis, Adam Veeley, Jacob Claycomb, Carly Geier, Catherine Birch

South Side: Katherine Sheppard, Kendra Shadle

Wayne: Jillian Findlay, Kyle Pessefall

Wayne New Tech: Sara Livengood, Alyssa Vance, Daymon Marlowe

Woodlan: Alyssa Garver, Rebekah Dignal, Loren Hahn, Paige Stutzman, Ashley Osborn

Congratulations to all of the hard working students who earned these scholarships! For more information on how you can apply for these scholarships, please visit the scholarship tab.