New Traditional Scholars Announced for SY '2017-2018

Press Release:

Questa Education Foundation                                                          

Executive Director, Marc Levy



Questa Foundation for Education is proud to announce the 2017-2018 Traditional Scholars

After a record breaking number of graduates this past academic year, Questa is proud to announce its first wave of scholars to be accepted into our Traditional Scholar Program for the upcoming academic year:  2017-2018.  We are still accepting applications for our Contemporary and other targeted funding programs. 

Why apply?  Questa scholars have a higher completion rate with less debt, their talent stays local, and they are ready to be part of our economy for the 21st century.  Our communities benefit from scholars who pursue education after high school whether it’s a traditional four year degree, two year Associates, or some sort of industry certification.  Questa scholars receive low-interest forgivable loans.  Our one-of-a-kind funding provides the possibility of only having to pay back 25% of the total loan amount!

How can you help?  Sponsor a student.  Donate on our webpage  Or just start by voting for us in the Fort Wayne Newspapers 2017 Readers Choice Awards Contest in the category of Higher Education.  The success of our youth ensures the future of our communities.  Call us at:  260-407-6494 for more information about our programs! 

Congratulations to our scholars:

Name                          County           High School                College Attending

Barger, MaKenzie       Adams             Adams Central            Univ. St. Francis

Baltazard, Priscilla      Allen               North Side                  Trine University

Birch, Catherine          Allen               Snider                        IN Wesleyan Univ.

Borntreger, Kristen     Allen               Northrop                     Huntington Univ.

Bridges, Jordan           Allen               Carroll                         Purdue - W Lafayette

Chery, Demetria          Allen               Wayne                         Univ. St. Francis

Claycomb, Jacob        Allen               Snider                        Indiana Tech

Cruz, Eduardo            Allen               Leo                              IPFW

Davis, Taylor               Allen               Snider                        Trine University

Everhart, Rozlynn       Allen               Heritage                      Huntington Univ.

Geier, Carly                 Allen               Snider                        Univ. St. Francis

Grimm, Alyssa            Allen               Bishop Dwenger         Univ. St. Francis

Grose, Natalie             Allen               Carroll                         Trine University

Grose, Victoria            Allen               Carroll                         Trine University

Haiflich, Logan            Allen               Blackhawk Chr.          Purdue - W Lafayette

Hardesty, Noah           Allen               North Side                  Grace College

Hare, Veronica            Allen               Heritage                      Univ. St. Francis

Hoffer, Anika               Allen               New Haven                 Univ. St. Francis

Joefreda, Mackenzie   Allen               Leo                              Purdue - W Lafayette

Kelly, Joshua               Allen               Bishop Dwenger         IUPUI

King, Alexander         Allen               Churubusco                 IPFW

Kistler, Lindley           Allen               Homestead                  Univ. St. Francis

Lytal, Kristin               Allen               Concordia                   Manchester Univ.

Marlowe, Daymon      Allen               Wayne New Tech       Trine University

Miller, Matthew           Allen               Concordia                   Univ. St. Francis

Patel, Raj                    Allen               Northrop                     Purdue - W Lafayette

Poole, Joshua           Allen               Homeschool                Huntington Univ.

Quinn, Autumn           Allen               East Allen Univ          IPFW

Rodriguez Perez, Luis Allen               Homestead                  Univ. St. Francis

Rothgeb, Nicole         Allen               Heritage                      Trine University

Sagsetter, Logan        Allen               Leo                              Trine University

Sendo, Benjamin         Allen               East Allen Univ          Manchester Univ.

Shockley, Emma         Allen               South Side                  IPFW

Southern, Caitline       Allen               Northrop                     Univ. St. Francis

Vance, Alyssa              Allen               Wayne New Tech       IPFW

Vanderleest, Naomi    Allen               Snider                        Univ. St. Francis

Veeley, Adam             Allen               Snider                        Univ. St. Francis

Watson, Katherine      Allen              East Allen Univ          Anderson

Bassett, Ethan             DeKalb            DeKalb                        Trine University

Crager, Ashley            DeKalb            DeKalb                        Ivy Tech NE

Teders, Devin            DeKalb            DeKalb                        Manchester Univ.

Szelis, Trevor            Huntington      Huntington North       Trine University

Berelsman, Bailey       Kosciusko       Warsaw                       Butler

Dobbins, Bayly           Kosciusko       Warsaw                       Grace College

Engle, Johnathan       Kosciusko       Tippecanoe Valley      Grace College

Keirn, Delaney            Kosciusko       Whitko                        Trine University

Klaiber, Hannah          Kosciusko       Lakeland Christian      Grace College

Leamon, Morgan         Kosciusko       Warsaw                       IN Wesleyan Univ.

May, Emily                   Kosciusko       Warsaw                       IUPUI

Morehouse, Robert     Kosciusko       Tippecanoe Valley      Trine University

Reeder, Madelene       Kosciusko       Warsaw                       IN Wesleyan Univ.

Walls, Kayla                Kosciusko       Warsaw                       Grace College

Miller, Derek                LaGrange        Westview                    Trine University

Lowe, Cynthia             Noble            East Noble                  Univ. St. Francis

Magnuson, Audrey     Noble            Central Noble            Grace College

Hayes, Abby               Steuben           Fremont                       Bethel

Manahan, Alyssa         Steuben           Hamilton                     IPFW

Bales, Morgan             Whitley           Columbia City             Bethel

McCloughan, KaitlynWhitley           Columbia City             Manchester Univ.

Van Houten, Crystal   Whitley           Columbia City             Grace College             ###