Questa Breaks The "Classroom Ceiling" with Record Number of Grads!

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Marc R. Levy, Executive Director

Questa Foundation for Education





Questa Education Foundation is proud to announce its largest graduate class to date.  This graduating class includes 68 scholars from seven Northeast Indiana counties who have completed post-secondary education and are returning to our communities ready for employment.  Executive Director Marc Levy says, “Our scholars have a higher completion rate with less debt and over 70% (the state average is 55%) stay in our region for five years after graduation.  Since Questa Scholars graduate with less debt, many are now contributing to our growing economy as well as working in it. Our unique funding program is building the thriving economy of tomorrow, today.”

In a truly inspiring story, two of our scholars met in college, dated, married, and when they graduated only had $10,000.00 combined debt to Questa despite having borrowed a total of $40,000.00.  Starting off their life together with higher education in place and low debt helped them succeed, benefits the community they live in, and the employers who hired them.

Questa has helped fund over 500 graduates in the past seven years, this includes not only bachelor degrees, but associate degrees and industry certifications in areas that are highly relevant to our area:  healthcare, business, manufacturing, and education.  These scholars received low-interest forgivable loans:  50% in loan forgiveness for living and working in northeast Indiana for 5 years following graduation, and an additional 25% of the total loan is paid back when they attend and graduate from one of the eight partner regional institutions: Indiana Tech, IPFW, Ivy Tech, Huntington University, Grace College, Manchester University, Trine University, and University of St. Francis.  In other words, a scholar can borrow $20,000.00 with the possibility of only having to pay back $5,000.00.

Local support is essential - funding for Questa Scholars comes from local and regional foundations, businesses and organizations.  For more information on how you can fund scholars in your community, visit our website at or call us at 260-407-6494. 

We are proud to announce our graduating class of May, 2017

Allen County:

Kristy Baron                     University of St. Francis      Nursing                                 

Jacqueline Bruner            Ivy Tech                                 Nursing                 

MeKenzie Buhr                  Indiana University                Business/IT           

Jordan Burke                    University of St. Francis      Computer Arts                     

Andrew Ceckowski           Purdue University                Ind. Engineering                        

Joel Chapman                   Indiana University                Folklore & Music                 

Kaitlyn Coffee                   University of St. Francis      Nursing                                 

Lucina Collins                     Ivy Tech                                 Adv. Automation                       

Nicole Collins                     University of St. Francis      Nursing                 

Briana Davis                       Indiana Tech                         Criminal Justice   

Kaleigh Ensley                   Indiana Univ                         Nursing                                                                

Justin Garrison                   Ivy Tech                                 Medical Assisting                

Clarissa Geiger                  Purdue University                Pre-Phys.Asst.                             

Hailee Gepfert                    Indiana University                Elementary Education

Megan Grothaus                  IPFW                                       Human Services                  

Mercedes Harris                  Ivy Tech                                 Certified Medical Assistant

Keegan Holle                      Indiana University                Business

Emina Kostic                       University of St. Francis      Biology

Angela Lahr                        Indiana Wesleyan Psychology/Criminal Justice

Erika Leininger                     IPFW                                       Communications

Brendon Lengacher             Grace College                       Psychology

Melanie McClain                   Walden University               Nursing

Cameron Messman              Purdue University                Accounting

Adam Miller                          Grace College                      Business/Accounting

Blake Miller                           Manchester University        Athletic Training

Fredricka Morgan                  Rhodes State                       Nursing

Jill Moss                                 Indiana Tech                         Business

Robin Rose-Munson            Indiana Wesleyan                   Nursing

Adriana Musco                     Purdue University                Elementary Education

Lydia Neff                             Trine University                    Business

Christian Nitz                        Purdue University                Computer Science

Mitchell Olney                      IPFW                                     Mechanical Engineering

Karlee Parker                       Manchester University         Elementary Education

Ronna Parrot                        WGU                                      Nursing

Kelly Piepenbrink                Huntington University            Biology

Karla Pohl                            Indiana Wesleyan                   Nursing

Daniel Quade                       IPFW                                      Business/Accounting

Hannah Quade                     IPFW                                       Elementary Education

Paige Rahrig                         Ivy Tech                                 Office Administration

Heather Richardson            Trine University                       Exercise Science

Emma Roy                            IPFW                                       Human Services

Adrian Russell                       IPFW                                       English

Nicholas Schwartz                Valparaiso                              Electrical Engineering

Anderson Smith                   Purdue University                   Environmental Engineering

Brian Trahin                          University of St. Francis         Nursing

Erica Wheeler                      Indiana Tech                            Criminal Justice

Chad Whitman                      Ball State University             Business

Whitney Wright                    University of St. Francis        Nursing

DeKalb County:

Emily Bender                        Indiana Wesleyan                  Social Work

Olivia Culbertson                 IPFW                                       Nursing

Zachary Sarrazine                IPFW                                       Actuarial Science

Huntington County:

Anthony Beery Bennett       Butler University                  Marketing

Erica Lagemann                    University of St. Francis      Nursing

Kylie Tester                           Grace College                       Elementary Education

Kosciusko County:

Tori Kissinger                        Huntington University         Nursing

Nathan Dirck                         Indiana Wesleyan                Applied Music

Jordan Kuhn                          Trine University                   Chemistry/Pre-Med

Ashley Lemberg                   University of St. Francis      Psychology

Bill McBride                          Indiana Wesleyan              Psychology/Christian Studies

Tayler Mylin                          Indiana Wesleyan                Exercise Science

Sydney Rose                         Indiana University                Biology/Pre-Med

Jennifer Slabaugh                Indiana Wesleyan                 Elementary Education

Noble County:

Allison Fisher                        IPFW                                    Accounting

BreAnn Weeks                     IPFW                                     Human Services

Steuben County:

Cara Molyet                          Ivy Tech                               Business Administration

Whitley County:

Alaina Beckner                     Manchester University         Communications

Jessica Clifford                      Walden University               Nursing

Jennifer Hartman                 Indiana Wesleyan                 Nursing

Alexandria Urrutia               University of St. Francis        Health Services

Brianna White                      Hanover                                 English