Questa Education Foundation Recognizes Mid-Term Graduates!

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Marc R. Levy, Executive Director

Questa Foundation for Education




Questa Education Foundation is proud to announce that eighteen individuals have graduated in December, 2016 from colleges and universities across the state of Indiana (counties of residence listed). Eleven of those graduating were traditional students who went on to college from high school, five were participating in the contemporary initiative focused on returning students who had delayed their education due to financial barriers, and two were enrolled in a partnership with Parkview Health that assists current employees who wish to further their education. Questa Education Foundation is a local non-profit serving northeast Indiana and is dedicated to increasing access to education beyond high school, reducing college debt and retaining local academic talent. 

Questa Education Foundation would like to congratulate the 2016 college graduates:

Indiana Tech:  Elise Brown (Allen)

IPFW:  Eryka Brandenberger-Kraner (Allen), Mary Coulter (Allen)

Ivy Tech:  Daylen Schinbeckler (Whitley), Amy Hemrick (Allen), Linda Sprinkle (Allen)

Manchester University:  Derek Lamle (Whitley), Daniel Wray (Allen)

Purdue:  Paul Lohmuller (Allen), Alexander Ocken (Allen), Tyler Goetz (Allen)

Trine University:  Tanner Daniel (Whitley)

University of Indianapolis:  Jocelyn Brosamer (Whitley)

University of Saint Francis:  Tori Cox (DeKalb), Alexandra Coker (Allen), Nicholas Kohne (Allen), Stacey Melia (Allen), David Hamel (Allen)

Questa Education Foundation increases access to post-secondary education with less debt and retention of talent in Northeast Indiana.  These scholars received low-interest loans, 50% in loan forgiveness from Questa by living and working in northeast Indiana for five years following graduation, and those who graduate from partner schools will receive 25% loan forgiveness.  Our regional partner schools are:  Grace College, Indiana Tech, Ivy Tech, IPFW, Huntington University, Manchester University, Trine University, and University of Saint Francis.  Funding for Questa Scholars comes from local and regional foundations, businesses and organizations.  Local support is essential for helping increase the access to continued education and preparation for employment in our communities.

For more information please visit our website or call us at 260-407-6494.