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Adopt-a-Scholar and help your community!

There is a talent gap that exists in our local workforces - you can help!  Between now and November 15th we want to fund ten additional students next school year.  Your donation when combined with others, and matched with Questa funds can fill this gap.  Through our partnerships we have graduated over 500 individuals who received help with our support.  For our communities to continue to grow, the economy is dependent upon the talent of our workers - both in their current workplace and being brought into new careers.  Adopt-a-Scholar Now!

Sponsor a Student!
Our scholars need financial support to fill a gap and it makes a huge difference - the ability to go to their school of choice - the ability to study in the field of their choosing - or even the ability to go at all.  

Any donation you make can BE this difference! 

Adopt-a-Scholar now!

Donate now!


There are employers who understand that the way to address the talent gap is to invest in people so that they can get the appropriate education to be the talent of the future.  Many of you may have already benefited by hiring Questa graduates. Others still may have talent needs: HVAC, carpentry, welding, engineering, sales, actuaries, and so much more! Together we can educate and fill the talent gap of the future. 

Donate now!

Partner Now!

Be Like Parkview!
Parkview realizes they have talent in their own workforce.  Their employees who work hard, show up, and have the desire to pursue further higher education have a fantastic opportunity with the collaboration that combines Parkview's tuition assistance and Questa's live/work loan forgiveness. Do you have great workers who with a little more education will be the talent you are looking to find?  Invest in them now!

Invest now!