Allen County Questa Scholars Receive Scholarships for Academic Achievement

Allen County Questa Scholars Receive Scholarships for Academic Achievement


Questa Education Foundation recently awarded $109,000 through the Venette M and Mabel M Sites Scholarship to 75 Allen County public high school graduates who have excelled in their academic performance by maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA during 2015-2016. This number reflects 20 more scholar awards than last year.  We are proud to announce and reward the following students: 


Seniors: Lydia Neff – Trine; Hannah Quade - IPFW; Jacob Roop – University of Indianapolis; Eryka Brandenberger-Kraner – IPFW; Jasmyn Kalsto – Univ. St. Francis; Emma Roy – IPFW; Kelly Piepenbrink – Huntington Univ; Anderson Smith – Purdue; Andrew Ceckowski – Purdue; Kaleigh Ensley – IU; Christian Nitz – Purdue; Nicholas Schwartz – Valparaiso; Megan Grothaus – IPFW; Grant Bremer – IU; Erika Leininger – IPFW; Katrina Bard – Univ. St. Francis; Clarissa Geiger – Purdue; Chad Whitman – Ball State; Austin Feipel – Purdue; Karlee Parker – Manchester; Mitchell Olney – IPFW; Keegan Holle - IU 

Juniors:  Sabrina Medert – IPFW; Spencer Faull – Trine; Kaitelyn Vachon – Univ. St. Francis; Hannah Cook – Indiana Wesleyan; Nicole Thompson – Ball State; Brayten Carpenter – Indiana Wesleyan; Michael Mast – Indiana Tech; Julianna Davis – Indiana Wesleyan; Joachima Hoot – IPFW; Mackenzie Lawson – Univ. St. Francis; Angela Lahr – Indiana Wesleyan; Miranda Vance – Ivy Tech; Ellie Gaskill – Indiana State; Jessica Moeller – Univ. St. Francis; Heather Richardson – Trine; Mackenzie Petre – Univ. St. Francis; Sierra Miranda – IPFW; Angel Windom – IUPUI; Jami Minick – Huntington; Kathryn Bixby – IU; Rachel Witte – IPFW; Tori Bontrager – Grace College; Madison Yenser – Manchester; Christopher Kindlesparger – Univ. of St. Francis; Samuel Stratton – IU; Kaelly Collins - IU

Sophomores: Adam Hoffer – Univ. of St. Francis; Sydney Ulrey – IU; Joshua Mahon – University of Indianapolis; Rebekah Dignal – Univ. of St. Francis; Zachary Watson – Rose Hulman; Mariah Thomas – IU; Rebecca Kimball – Indiana Wesleyan; Alyssa Garver – Univ. of St. Francis; Connor Burgess – Univ. of St. Francis; Matthew Mast – IUPUI; Chase Myers – Univ. of St. Francis; Logan Ankney – Univ. of St. Francis; Anthony Ohneck – IUPUI; Heidi Schneemann – Taylor; Jennifer Peppler – Trine; Jordan Eldridge – Indiana State; Kelsiey Cicora – Univ. of St. Francis; Branson Dossen – Indiana Tech; Logan Jester – Butler; Miranda Walls – IPFW; Jillian Findlay – Indiana Wesleyan; Rebecca Lessig – Indiana Wesleyan; Katherine Sheppard – IU; Hannah Fowerbaugh – Univ. of St. Francis; Madison Peterson – IPFW; Jailyn Krantz – Indiana Wesleyan; Sarah Moloney – Huntington; Matthew Mensing – Indiana Tech.


The Sites scholarship plus the Questa Scholars Program is assisting college students in completing post-secondary education, graduating with less debt and retention of talent in northeast Indiana.  Please visit our website at for program and scholarship information.