Brooks-Questa Scholars: A New Partnership Transforms Landscape of Construction Trades Workforce



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Marc R. Levy, Executive Director

Questa Foundation for Education



Brooks-Questa Scholars:  A New Partnership Transforms Landscape of Construction Trades Workforce

Questa Education Foundation and Brooks Construction have formalized a partnership that will provide funding to scholars who wish to further their education beyond high school in areas of education that will prepare them for employment in the construction industry, specifically:  heavy highway and site development concentrations.

Questa Education Foundation and Brooks Construction are pleased to announce the 1st recipient of the new partnership:  Logan Gonya – a graduate of Angola High School who will be attending Trine University studying Civil Engineering. 

John Brooks, Owner of Brooks Construction, says:  “We are excited to begin this new partnership with Questa and Logan.  Our employees saw a need to invest in our future, and they have led the effort to seek talented young people that we as a company can support.  We all realize the importance of attracting and retaining talent.  This initiative benefits our employees, our company, the student, our industry and the community.  We wish Logan success in his studies.”

Marc Levy, Executive Director of Questa says:  “This alliance will provide funding to assist qualified students who wish to further their education in these construction related areas and Brooks has pledged to provide internships and practical experience that can complement the student’s education.  Together we are literally transforming the human “landscape” of the workforce by investing in human “capital” that will benefit the work force of the 21st Century in northeast Indiana.  We encourage others to join us in investing in the people in our community.”

Over the years Brooks Construction has been a strong employer in our region.  Recently, the number of graduates who have studied “horizontal” construction (roads, highways, bridges) has decreased and many existing workers in this area are coming upon retirement age.  It is the mutual desire of both organizations to provide funding that would address both the financial gap and be supportive of a post-secondary education in this specific field.

Students who will be eligible for this program will be a high school graduating senior or college freshman from northeast Indiana who has applied for and met all the criterion of the program. 

The Brooks-Questa Scholars will have the same qualifiers as other Questa programs upon graduation and in addition will have the opportunity for a paid internship that can further reduce their final debt.

Questa Foundation is committed to assisting individuals to pursue further education in the form of industry certification as well as associate and bachelor degrees by offering low-interest forgivable loans for students pursuing a certificate, associate, or bachelor degree from an Indiana college or university.  The program offers a unique way for a student to fund the financial “gap” in the cost of attendance.  Questa Education Foundation forgives 50% of the scholars loan balance when the scholar lives and works in northeast Indiana for five years after graduation.  Students who choose to attend and graduate from one of Questa’s eight regional partner schools will receive an additional 25% forgiveness at graduation.  The Questa Scholars Program allows a student to borrow up to $20,000 and when meeting the qualifying criteria receive the maximum 75% forgiveness, making the remaining balance only $5,000 for the scholar to repay.  The forgiveness feature combined with the low fixed interest rate after graduation makes the program an unbeatable loan option for students and families.

Information and materials relevant to this program will be available on our website: and will be made available in print form for distribution by guidance counselors at high schools and colleges and at community and school events.

For more information about this innovative and exciting program please visit our website listed above or call 260-407-6494.