Questa Scholar: Jordan

Jordan and his wife were both Questa Scholars. After graduating they felt more confident making life decisions without having to worry about money. Together they borrowed $35,000 and only have to pay back $6,000.

Loan Forgiveness: Alli

Alli loved having Questa as a partner, helping her walk through the challenging loan process. She borrowed $20,000 from Questa and had $8,000 forgiven.

Payback Partnership: Kelli

The payback partnership program helped Kelli go to her dream school, knowing she could have up to 75% of her debt forgiven. She also earned one of Questa's scholarships. After borrowing a total of $20,000 she only has to be back $5,000.

Why are the funds Questa provides important to a scholar and the community?

Please watch this video to see how funds provided through Questa changed three scholars lives.