What is community force?

Community Force is our application website, and your go-to page as a Questa Scholar. This is where NEW scholars will complete the application, and EXISTING scholars will upload compliance documents such as college schedules/grades, proof of living and working in the area, and proof of graduation. Click here to navigate to the Community Force website. 

How to download & upload documents:

  • Click here for a guide to download your Note Document from Community Force.
  • Here is how to upload documents to your Community Force application (coming soon).


What is Compliance?

We require our scholars to upload compliance documents on their Community Force account - but what is compliance? Compliance is documentation that scholars need to submit in order to continue their status with the Questa loan program. Each scholar is considered in a different stage and will require different compliance information. 

Current Scholar (still in college)

  • Updated contact information
  • Class schedule for the upcoming semester
  • Transcript with past semester grades
  • Billing statement from college you're attending

Graduating Scholar (just graduated college)

  • Proof of Graduation
  • Updated contact information
  • Signed loan note & disclosure statement

In Repayment

  • Updated contact information
  • Proof of living and working in the Northeast Indiana area


I just graduated. Now what?

First of all - congratulations! You made it! Take some time to breathe. You will not need to begin repayment on your Questa loan until 90 days after your graduation date. 

Until then, we do have a few things you will need to complete called Graduate Compliance. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Community Force account and click on Graduate Compliance to fill out your updated contact information and also attach a copy of your final college transcript. Remember that your transcript needs to state your graduation date or degree of completion. You may also upload a photo of your diploma instead, if you prefer.
  2. Once this is complete, a Questa employee will contact you to talk over the details of your loan and the repayment process.
  3. After this conversation, you will need to go back to Community Force and electronically sign the Disclosure Form and sign the Loan Note form (see the "How to Download & Upload Documents" section for a how-to guide).
  4. Once all of this is completed, Questa will contact you annually to update your live & work compliance.

My graduation date changed and I am graduating later than expected. What happens with my loan?

If your graduation date has changed from when you first applied with Questa, then please contact a Questa employee and let us know so we can adjust your repayment. 

Email: info@questafoundation.org

Phone: 260-407-6494


What is live/work compliance?

Once a scholar has graduated and is paying on their loan, they will need to submit a few documents each year stating that they are still living and working in the Northeast Indiana area. This ensures that they will still receive the 50% forgiveness on their loan. This step will be completed on the Community Force website.