Meet Juan


Growing up, Juan’s family didn’t have the resources to help him pay for college. He worked two jobs through high school, saving for tuition, but was still worried he wouldn’t be able to afford an education. That’s when a high school guidance counselor told him about Questa.

He applied, and was accepted into the program.

“I think I probably cried, because it was June and school was coming up. It was the greatest feeling in the world to be able to feel that I could breathe.”

Now, Juan is a nursing student at the University of St. Francis. He says Questa has made a difference in his career beyond educational support. Last summer, Questa connected him with an internship at the City of Fort Wayne, where he met civic and industry leaders and spent time with a community of mentors.

After graduation, Juan plans to stay in Fort Wayne and work in area hospitals. He said he believes it’s important to give back to the city that he loves.

“We have to put diverse people in professional careers to be able to grow together,” Juan said. “I’m very thankful to Questa for believing in me and supporting me.”

2018-2019 Traditional Questa Scholar Application To Open Soon!



Fort Wayne, IN, November 8, 2017 - Questa Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the Questa Scholars Program application is available earlier than ever in previous years.  It will now begin December 1st through March 1st for early applications.  In addition, there will be second-wave opportunity from March 15th through May 1st.  This is also announced on their website:  For high school graduates who are able to complete their FAFSA and college applications earlier this year, Questa has adjusted accordingly so that scholars with a “gap” in funding who are accepted into the program will now receive a financial commitment earlier as well.


Questa Education Foundation offers low-interest forgivable loans for students pursuing a certificate, associate, or bachelor degree from an Indiana college or university. The program offers a unique way for a student to fund the financial “gap” in the cost of attendance. Questa Education Foundation will forgive 50% of the scholars loan balance when the scholar lives and works in northeast Indiana for five years after graduation.  Students who choose to attend and graduate from one of Questa’s eight regional partner schools can also receive an additional 25% forgiveness at graduation.  The Questa Scholars Program allows a student to borrow up to $20,000 and when meeting the qualifying criteria receive the maximum 75% forgiveness, making the remaining balance only $5,000 for the scholar to repay.  The forgiveness feature combined with the low fixed interest rate after graduation makes the program an unbeatable loan option for students and families.


“We are hearing more and more about the talent gap across Northeast Indiana.  Questa is addressing this issue by helping individuals pursue further education.  This is about investing in individuals who want to pursue education and currently have a financial gap. It is about transforming the business landscape by helping people prepare for the economy of the 21st Century.” - Marc R. Levy, Executive Director of Questa Education Foundation.


The funding for this program comes from local and regional foundations, businesses and organizations.  In addition, Questa Education Foundation utilizes interest from the endowment to expand the numbers and geographic reach.  Increased local support is essential for helping people have the access to continued education and preparation for employment in our communities. Questa Education Foundation is a local non-profit serving Northeast Indiana and is dedicated to increasing access to education beyond high school, reduced debt and retention of talent.  For more information on Questa Education Foundation programs and completing the application visit the website at or call us at 260-407-6494 ###

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There is a talent gap that exists in our local workforces - you can help!  Between now and November 15th we want to fund ten additional students next school year.  Your donation when combined with others, and matched with Questa funds can fill this gap.  Through our partnerships we have graduated over 500 individuals who received help with our support.  For our communities to continue to grow, the economy is dependent upon the talent of our workers - both in their current workplace and being brought into new careers.  Adopt-a-Scholar Now!

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Our scholars need financial support to fill a gap and it makes a huge difference - the ability to go to their school of choice - the ability to study in the field of their choosing - or even the ability to go at all.  

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There are employers who understand that the way to address the talent gap is to invest in people so that they can get the appropriate education to be the talent of the future.  Many of you may have already benefited by hiring Questa graduates. Others still may have talent needs: HVAC, carpentry, welding, engineering, sales, actuaries, and so much more! Together we can educate and fill the talent gap of the future. 

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Parkview realizes they have talent in their own workforce.  Their employees who work hard, show up, and have the desire to pursue further higher education have a fantastic opportunity with the collaboration that combines Parkview's tuition assistance and Questa's live/work loan forgiveness. Do you have great workers who with a little more education will be the talent you are looking to find?  Invest in them now!

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Sites Scholarship Recipients

Allen County Questa Scholars Receive Scholarships for Academic Achievement

Questa Education Foundation recently awarded $86,000 through the Venette M and Mabel M Sites Scholarship to 65 Questa scholars who are graduates of Allen County public high schools.  These scholars received individual awards for excellence in their college academic performance by maintaining a 3.0 – 4.0 GPA during the 2016-2017 post-secondary school year.  We are proud to announce the following students and acknowledge the high school from which they graduated.

Carroll:  Ashley Felger, Brayten Carpenter, Mackenzie Petre, Sydney Ulrey, Connor Burgess, Anthony Ohneck, Logan Jester, Miguel Stone, Kelsiey Cicora, Madison Peterson, Caleb DeLieto, Alexandra Harvey 

East Allen University:   Ashley Osborn, Nicole Winans

Heritage:  Rachel Witte, Branson Dossen, Chase Myers, Kimberlie Kline

Homestead:  Sabrina Medert, Ellie Gaskill, Felicia Wehrle, Rebekah Zvers, Sarah Moloney, Courtney McGrew, Scott Creech

Leo:  Nicole Thompson, Rebecca Kimball, Jordan Eldridge, Hannah Fowerbaugh, Rebecca Lessig, Morgan Sanderson, Ian Thompson

New Haven:  Angel Windom, Adam Hoffer, Zachary Watson, Matthew Mensing

Northrop:  Michael Mast, Mackenzie Lawson, Joshua Mahon, Jailyn Krantz, Juan Gonzalez-Rangel

North Side:  Jessica Moeller, Julianna Davis, Kaelly Collins, Logan Ankney, Soe San

R. Nelson Snider:  Kaitelyn Vachon, Hannah Cook, Miranda Vance, Samuel Stratton, Mariah Thomas, Jennifer Peppler, Heidi Schneemann, Miranda Walls, Maria Barrera, Rylee Marks

South Side:  Kathryn Bixby, Katherine Sheppard, Kendra Shadle

Wayne:  Jillian Findlay, Kyle Pessefall

Wayne New Tech:  Sara Livengood

Woodlan:  Joachima Hoot, Tori Bontrager, Alyssa Garver, Rebekah Dignal, Loren Hahn, Paige Stutzman

The Sites scholarship plus the Questa Scholars Program is assisting college students in completing post-secondary education, graduating with less debt and retention of talent in northeast Indiana.  Please visit our website at for program and scholarship information.  ###

Board of Directors Changes for 2017-2018

Questa Education Foundation is proud to announce Board Officers and new board members for 2017-2018:


Board Officers:


Raylene Rospond             Chair                      Vice President, Manchester University

Gary Adkins                      Vice-Chair             President, Parkview Noble Hospital

Cynthia Wirtner                Treasurer              Partner, Leonard J. Andorfer & Co.

James Koday, JD               Secretary             Partner, Barrett & McNagny


New Board Members:


Jason Callahan                                                  Superintendent, Wabash City Schools

Allyn P. Decker                                                  Campus President, Ivy Tech Community College

Dr. Kim Barnett-Johnson                                   Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Ivy Tech CC

Todd Jones                                                         Vice President, Sr. Acct. Exec., STAR Ins. Agency

Marcia McNagny, JD                                           Partner, Myers, Hockemeyer & McNagny, LLP

Emily Pichon                                                       Director & Secretary Treasurer, Cole Foundation

Steven R. Smith                                                  Asst. Vice President, Brotherhood Mutual Ins. Co.

Daniel Solms                                                      Vice Pres. Enrollment & Mktg, Huntington Univ.


Questa Education serves eleven counties in Northeast Indiana providing low-interest forgivable loans to individuals pursuing an education beyond high school.  It is our goal to increase access to post-secondary education, increased completion, reduced debt and retention of talent in our region.  Our scholars today are the future of our 21st century economy.  For more information please visit our website at  ###